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ZoNa Dance Co .

Dance Class Etiquette and Guidelines:

  • NO PHONES, IPAD, IPODS or picture taking devices are allowed in studio, please see attached social media policy
  • All dancers are to arrive to class on time, prepared to begin class at designated time, dressed and ready to move. If arriving late – please enter as quietly as possible and take your place quickly in the class without disrupting the class.
  • Children are only supervised and insured during class time – if it is necessary to drop your child off early, an adult MUST remain with them until the class begins, children under 10 are NOT permitted to be dropped off before class without supervision.
  • Classes begin and end on time, please make sure to pick up child at the end of class time as there is no adult supervision available between classes and safety is a priority.
  • All dancers are required to wear dance clothing appropriate to the style of dance they are taking. Ballet dance classes will be given uniform colour at time of registration.
  • Hair must be up off the neck for all classes, bun for ballet classes and pony tail or plait for other classes.
  • No chewing gum is permitted.
  • No toys are permitted into class.
  • No food is allowed in hall/studio/facility at any time – do not bring snacks to class.
  • ONLY WATER in a water bottle is permitted to bring to class and must be keep in the dressing room facility (if provided) or in designated area – juice and/or fizzy drinks are not permitted.
  • All street shoes should remain outside the studio or dancing space as they carry debris – a reminder that most of our classes sit on the floor at some point in the class.
  • Parents are not permitted to stay in the studio or dance space during class, but are welcome to remain outside the studio until last 5 minutes of class in which we will open the doors and perform our reverence (bow) for the parents (applies to classes aged 4-6 only).
  • Parents of children aged 4-10 are required to pick their child up inside the studio or the hall, we will not allow a child to leave the premises without seeing they have been picked up by an authorised adult.
  • All young children must be confidently toilet trained to attend classes. Please pack a change of clothing in their dance bag if under the age of 6 as accidents do occur.
  • We practice our classes under the Code of Professional Practice and Code of Conduct maintained by the Royal Academy of Dance which can be found on the www.RAD.org.uk website.
  • All students are expected to be courteous, polite and respectful to their peers, the facility and their instructors.
  • ZoNa Dance Co., reserves the right to refuse service to any individual.
  • Students ARE ALLOWED to DREAM, Believe in themselves, WORK HARD, enjoy the process, LOVE THE ART and Dance with their hearts

*All class etiquette guidelines are given in order to give each child the best opportunity to develop safely and fully while respecting the rules of each facility and delivering a respectful environment in the classroom, both within the student body and the teacher/student relationship.